Fundraising Efforts

Please know that any and all donations made to our adoption fund, or made through one of our other fundraisers, will go directly towards the fees and expenses related to bringing our babies home. We thank you, and love you so much :)

Current Fundraisers:

T-shirts are now available. Please click on the T-Shirt's link above or here.

Childlike Faith - Puzzle Fundraiser
Sponsor a piece for just $5

Both Hands project - March 2013
Volunteers and Sponsors needed.

We have wristbands in the above colors for sale. We're asking just $2.00 a piece, but we will accept any donations for them, as long as the shipping is covered :)

All you coffee drinkers out there, please support us by following the link to the right to our storefront on Just Love Coffee's website. All purchases made from our storefront will go directly to our adoption fund. For a breakdown of the proceeds click this link.

 Postponed - 1st Annual Dalton Adoption Coed Softball Tournament
$150 per team - Double Elimination Format - Middletown Elementary

Restaurant Eat-In Fundraisers:
Here in the next couple months we are going to start meeting with friends and family at a restaurant once a month that will allow for a percentage of their sales to go towards our adoption. Many places do this (BW3's, Mark's Feedstore, BJ's, Boombozz, etc.), and since the family is always getting together for one reason or another anyways, we might as well do this :)

More fundraising efforts coming soon (cookbook, candle sales, etc.). If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below or shoot us an email :)

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