Sunday, December 16, 2012


As I write this, my new born son is laying in the hospital. Crying out for food, attention, or maybe just because. I want nothing more than to go to him, squeeze him tight, and tell him that he has a mother and father that loves him more than he'll ever know.

I also want to tell him that he has a Heavenly Father that created him just the way he is, and specifically for us. And that he is an absolute blessing from the Lord. One that we have prayed for, for a very long time.

Lincoln Michael, our son, your forever family is here, and is anxiously waiting to come pick you up tomorrow. We love you with all our hearts!!! 'Til tomorrow......


  1. I am late with checking in on you and your wife and the new baby. I hope all is well

    1. HEY, all is great!! Should be bringing our sweet baby boy home soon :)


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