Monday, October 8, 2012

What's Next?!

Fall is here, and our fundraising schedule is wide open :) I think this is the first time since we started our adoption journey that we haven't had some major fundraising event coming up. It's kind of nice, but then again, I feel like I'm wasting time. Instead of taking a break, and enjoying the down time, I started googling "adoption fundraising ideas," (like I do pretty much every week) and I think I've got some ideas.

Here's a couple things we've been kicking around, but haven't set in stone: 
1.) Both Hands Project through Lifesong. This is a really cool way for adopting families to raise money for their adoption, while providing some kind of home renovation project for a widow. A couple of our friends did this, and they said it was absolutely amazing. After watching their video you'll see why. To successfully pull this off, we will need some serious help. We need a team of roughly 10 to 15 people.
2.) Gold Canyon Candles through a family friend of ours, Paige Miller. This is going to be great just before the holidays as people are looking for gift ideas. We'll have about 2 to 3 weeks to sell as many candles as we can. We have three or four of us so far that will be selling them, but we could always use a few more volunteers. We'll be provided with scratch and sniff sheets that have the different scents on them. Best of all, we'll be receiving anywhere from 38 to 40% of the total sales.
3.) Restaurant Eat-In Fundraisers. There are quite a few restaurants that give a percentage of sales back from all the people you bring.

New idea to consider:
1.) Signature Tiles - Let's see, how do I describe what I'm picturing in my head. OK, do you know the little sheets of paper at stores and restaurants that if you donate $ you get to write your name on it, and they put it on the wall with all the others?? I'm thinking we could do some like 3x3 inch plastic tiles (or something) and people can make a donation of any amount, and decorate the tile for us to put up in a certain place in the nursery/kids room.

If anybody has some other ideas, feedback in general, or wants to help with any of the above mentioned events, please email or comment below. We would love to get you involved. Thanks and God bless!!

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