Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paperwork, Paperwork, And More Paperwork!

Does the paperwork ever end??? Is the question I ask all you fellow adopters (probably not a word) out there :)

Before we got the AMAZING news about being chosen by a birth mother (our domestic adoption), we had been working on our dossier for our Ethiopian adoption. Amidst all the craziness that had been going on since we got the news (fundraisers, lawyer mumbo-jumbo, nursery), our Ethiopian dossier had been temporarily put on the back burner. In addition to the dossier, we have an almost identical stack of paperwork we must complete for the domestic adoption.

Our goal is to wrap up the domestic paperwork as soon as we can. And then to have our Ethiopian dossier completed and sent out before little man comes in December. We know the referral process is a waiting game (loooooonng waiting game), so we're looking forward to spending that time changing poopy diapers and growing to attached to our first child :)

At this stage, we could really use some prayer and support. We know it will all be worth it once we're done and our babies are home. I keep telling myself it's just a stack of paperwork standing in between us and our future family (and time of course, and don't forget money,  etc. etc.).      Blessings!!!!!


  1. I completely understand the overwhelm of paperwork--and to think that you are going through double what we are. Ouch. Remember that God will get you through it! Little by little gets the job done. Sure does make you forget about the financial side for awhile, doesn't it? That's one benefit. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. You're definitely right about the little bit at a time. We just gotta keep chipping away at it. We'll be done eventually :) God bless you guys!


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