Friday, October 12, 2012

Most Sincere Thanks!!!

Hey guys!!! God reminded me of something this morning as I was driving into work, and I feel that it's meant to be shared:

Leslie and I are so incredibly lucky!!!!! Not because of any material possessions we may have, but because of the friends and family God has blessed us with. When I reflect back on ALL of our fundraisers, I'm reminded of the sacrifices each and every one of you made, to make them the success that they were. It's because of you that we are where we are, and it's because of you, that one day, when we're sitting with our future children, we can tell them the tale of how God stirred the hearts of our friends and family, and knitted together the most precious ending we could have ever dreamed of. As I write this, I still don't know what that ending is, but, knowing our sovereign God, it will be nothing short of miraculous (no adjective quite expresses what I mean there!!). I can't see there little faces, but I picture Leslie and I surrounded by them; all laughing and smiling, and truly cherishing those precious, precious God-given moments.

I would like to close this in prayer. Not in the typical, selfish manner that I normally do (where I ask for your prayers). This morning, I'd like to pray on your behalf. I pray that God blesses you as you have blessed us. You are storing up massive amounts of treasure in heaven, and I wait with anticipation to one day stand before the Lord, and thank Him for each and every one of you. With so much love and thanks, God bless you all!

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