Thursday, September 13, 2012

What A Surprise!!!

If you've been following our journey for a while, you might've noticed a pattern. It goes something like this: 

Step 1: Eagerly set out with the intention of planning the most successful fundraiser EVER!!!
Step 2: Spirits remain high as we go through the initial phases of planning the event. 
Step 3: Panic (literally). Time is ticking by and were not getting many responses.
Step 4: God shows up and blows our mind!

I write this because here we are..... again.... Resting comfortably in step 4, and having barely escaped step 3 with our sanity. It was only a couple weeks ago that we had basically nobody signed up for the golf scramble. A room full of raffle items, and no participants. These are the times that I forget the kind of God we serve. I knew going into it, no matter what, it was going to make some money. Didn't know if it would be the greatest fundraiser of all time, or just mediocre, but I knew we would end up making something. Needless to say, as of yesterday, we have ALL 48 SPOTS FILLED :)

Throughout the adoption process, step 4 has served as our reminder that we are in fact pursuing His will for our lives. He is behind everything we do. There are times where we lose our focus, and get down, but He always picks us up. We know that as Christians, nothing will ever be easy, becuase that's not His promise to us. Instead He promises to be with us, and that is exactly what He does!

God bless you all!

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