Monday, August 20, 2012

Spreading The Word - Adoption Support Day

Hey guys, in light of the inappropriate comments from the soon-to-be unemployed Pat Robertson, Kelly from the Minus 1 Project had this to say, and I share in her sentiments:

"Adoption support day
In response to Pat Robertson's ridiculous adoption comments, I propose that everyone who disagrees with his statements show their support of adoption by making at least one purchase from Minus 1 Project store,, this Wednesday.

Spread the word!

(Super smart move by Chick Fil A, so I thought we would give it a try... ;)

And that is all, as some of you have asked, you will get as to my thoughts on Mr. Robertson's comments.   I think it was obvious that it was his personal feelings and not the feelings of our Heavenly Father toward the fatherless.  Just a shame that he has such a large platform and broad spectrum of followers that he has the opportunity to influence."

Time to stand up for what we believe in and support the adoption community. Love you all.

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