Monday, June 4, 2012

Many Many Thanks!

Hey guys! Our Sunday fundraiser couldn't have gone better, and we owe it all to the very special group of individuals that organized it, set up, spread the word, and gave financially. For those still interested, we will have links put up to the vendors that are allowing for additional online orders such as Amanda from Thirty-One.

We don't have a total yet from the fundraiser, but I know we did really well. Thanks again to all of you who participated :) We love you all so much!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, has chosen us for the month of June so all the proceeds from their Chosen Bands (pictured above on right top and bottom) as well as $10 from every necklace sold at Cap Creations (pictured on the left) goes directly to our adoption agency! We are so excited about this. We know the month of June is going to be huge for us, and it's all because of you wonderful people out there. If it weren't for you, we might never be able to bring our sweet little baby home.

Be sure to check out our Fundraising Efforts page to see our other fundraisers, and please, more than anything, just keep us in your prayers!! With love-

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