Friday, June 15, 2012

1st Annual Dalton Adoption Golf Scramble!

Well, the U.S. Open is upon us and it got me thinking. I know, I know.. "Don't hurt yourself Mike." And for those of you who are concerned, I want you to know that I'm OK. But seriously, I got thinking about another fun and creative way to fundraise for our adoption. The 1st-Annual-Dalton-Adoption-Golf-Scramble?!?! I'm talking to a couple different courses at the moment so as soon as I nail down a date, I'll post it here on the blog. Right now we're shooting for August or September.

The questions I pose to you loyal readers out there are:
1.) Any ideas on how we could get some items donated to raffle off at the event?
2.) Would a $50/75 entrance fee be acceptable?
3.) Anyone know someone at a local course that could assist with the logistics?
4.) Any advice in general, because I certainly need it?!

I think this could be a great way to raise a little bit of money and also, get everyone together and have a great time, which we don't get to do enough!

Any and all feedback is much appreciated :) Love you guys.

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