Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lots Of News To Share :)

First, I just want to thank God for each and every one of you! And thanks be to God for all the good news we have to share with you today. Some of it is more important than other parts, but nonetheless, it's all good news!!

We had two more (as we've had several already) very generous donations that were made towards our adoption fund. The first was a check that practically floored Leslie as she was walking in with the mail. It absolutely blew us away because this couple has already done so much. Yet, if you knew them, it wouldn't be a big surprise because this is just who they are (You  know who you are guys, we love you!).

And our second donation has to do with the t-shirts we are having made. Someone has very generously offered to pay all the upfront costs for the t-shirts so all the proceeds can go directly to the adoption fund. This is just incredible! I had been thinking before that we would have to sell quite a few before we started making a profit but now, thanks to these wonderful people, every penny brought in from these shirts can go to bringing our sweet little baby home (Thank you all again, your generosity continues to amaze us, and we love you so much!!). Again, if I was to name these people, it would come as no shock to you because this is what they do. They live to bless others! If you are reading this and would like to pre-order a shirt (or post depending on when you're reading this), let us know when you can as we are trying to determine a quantity of shirts to order. Thanks :)

A couple other things, on a much smaller scale, our blog has reached the 1000 mark with regards to page-views (actually about 1020ish now)!! Thank you all who keep coming back to check on us, and see where we are in our journey.

Other very exciting news, has graciously offered to sponsor us for the month of June so all the proceeds from their fit bands will go towards our adoption costs. This is incredibly generous of them, and we are so appreciative of their efforts. I will post more information as our June fundraiser approaches.

And lastly, my very sweet wife, heeding my pleas to not spend much on my birthday, graciously ordered me some delicious coffee from our Just Love Coffee website. Not only does the money go to a good cause, but we also get some back to go towards the adoption! Thanks Sweetie :)

My birthday is coming up this Friday, the 20th, and to those who may be wondering what I want :) I want to bring our baby home as soon as possible!! So if you feel like donating or supporting our cause, not only is it a great birthday gift, but you're helping us to achieve our goal of one less orphan in the world. Thanks and love!!

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