Saturday, March 24, 2012

Domestic Adoption Dossier

Hey everybody. Leslie is getting together our dossier for the domestic adoption. In this we're going to have all kinds of photos, a letter to the birth mother, as well as some other information for potential birth mothers to look over. From my understanding, potential birth mothers will decide the fate of their child by choosing a particular dossier. That being said, Leslie is wanting to have this done by Sunday the 25th (sorry for being so last minute) and we need your help!!!!

If you have any good photos, or advice on the matter, we would love for you to share it/them with us :)
If you don't, that's OK too. Instead would you please say a prayer for us regarding the dossier, the potential birth mothers that may get to review it, and most importantly, our future child. Love you guys more than you know.

Father God,
We so desperately await the opportunity to see the 
face of our child. Wherever they are, I know you 
are there as well. Protecting, feeding, nourishing, 
CREATING like only you can. Father thank you so 
much for being our heavenly Father, and continue to 
mold us and shape us into the parents you have called 
us to be.
 In Jesus Name,

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