Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biblical Teaching For Adoption

All of us see adoption differently. Most tend to see it as a way to overcome infertility issues. While others see it as a clear biblical teaching. Also, many may wonder why a perfectly healthy young couple, who are capable of having biological children, would choose to adopt. Well again, there are many reasons. I can't speak for others on this, but I can speak for Leslie and I.

God has instructed His people to do this. Some may argue that the Bible doesn't explicitly say, thou shall adopt. But all through the pages of His word, we are instructed to care for the orphans and the widows. In the Old Testament, you won't find the word 'orphan' but instead you will see 'fatherless.' And a faith that feels nothing for, or no obligation to the fatherless is no faith at all.

James tells us in his epistle that a religion that is accepted by God as true and faultless is one that looks after the widows and the orphans, and protects them from the pollution of the world (1:27). What better way to care for, and protect, then to bring into your home, and shower with love?

Open the eyes of your followers. Teach us your truths.
Give us the strength to live out these truths in a world 
that isn't so accepting. Help us to be the image-bearers
of Christ that you have called us to be. 
In His name,

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