Saturday, March 31, 2012

Link to us on Facebook!

 I have been trying to think of ways to reach people outside of my tiny little web of friends, when a co-worker reminded me of Facebook. He mentioned there being a way to create a fundraising page where we could sort of list, or show all the different fundraisers were doing with dates and times, and have people post links to it on their wall. As most of you know, I'm one of the last few people on earth (over the age of 6) that don't have a Facebook account, so I'm very unfamiliar with it's inner workings. But it would be really awesome if everyone could post some type of link to our blog :) Pretty Please?!?!

Please don't sue me for using this image =)
(Just copy/paste the web address PLEASE?!?!?!)

To effectively fund-raise, we must reach a wider audience, and the only way I can think to do that, is by reaching out to everyone's friend list on Facebook. And the only way for that to happen, is for YOU to tell them about it. We need your help. Thanks for all the prayers and support guys and gals, we love you.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Frequent Flyer Miles Please?!

I have been looking for unconventional ways for people to assist with our adoption, and I think I've found one (Not my idea by the way). Frequent flyer miles.

You can only ask for monetary donations so many times before people stop answering your calls, LOL, so I thought with the rising cost of airplane travel (and our 2 upcoming trips to Ethiopia), it would be a good idea to ask anyone who may be willing, to donate their unused miles.

If you're looking to do something other than a financial gift, this is it  =)  Love you all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Love Coffee Roasters

The fine people at Just Love Coffee Roasters, a company built by a family looking to find fundraising assistance when they were adopting, have allowed us to create our own homepage whereby any purchases made from there, a portion is donated to our adoption fund.

Here's a breakdown of their contributions per sale:
13oz. Coffees (non-small lot): $5
(4) 6oz. Samplers: $7
Coffee Cupper's Sampler: $19
Ultimate Sampler (Santa's Helper): $19
Jamaica Blue Mountain (small lot): 4oz. ($3)  13oz. ($9)
5oz. Tin Colombian Cup of Excellence Lot #1: $5
6oz. Kenya AA (small lot): $3
T-Shirts: $5
Sale T-Shirts: $3
Sale Hoodie: $4
Beanie: $3
Hat: $3
Travel Mug: $3
Stoneware Mug: $1
Aeropress: $5
Coffee Scoop: $1

Here's a link to our page:


Hey guys, Leslie and LaStacia have been talking about doing some yard sales in the near future to raise money. We would be thrilled if you all have any old stuff you would like to donate to the yard sale, money will go to a good cause of course. I would be more than happy to come pick it up.
I'm going to put up signs around the neighborhood offering to cut their grass in exchange for some kind of donation to the adoption fund. Also, I was also thinking for anybody that would like to help (don't worry, I'm not asking you to cut grass, LOL), you could put up signs in your neighborhood, as long as you don't mind me using your mower :) I don't have a trailer for my riding mower.

If anybody else has any ideas we would love to hear them.
Love you guys!!

New Guitar Anyone?

As much as it pains me to do this, LOL, I have posted an ad on Craigslist to sell one of my guitars to raise money for the adoption. It's not worth a lot, but it's something. If there's any interest, here's a link to the posting


Thanks for looking guys. 
Hope all is well.
Love you!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Domestic Adoption Dossier

Hey everybody. Leslie is getting together our dossier for the domestic adoption. In this we're going to have all kinds of photos, a letter to the birth mother, as well as some other information for potential birth mothers to look over. From my understanding, potential birth mothers will decide the fate of their child by choosing a particular dossier. That being said, Leslie is wanting to have this done by Sunday the 25th (sorry for being so last minute) and we need your help!!!!

If you have any good photos, or advice on the matter, we would love for you to share it/them with us :)
If you don't, that's OK too. Instead would you please say a prayer for us regarding the dossier, the potential birth mothers that may get to review it, and most importantly, our future child. Love you guys more than you know.

Father God,
We so desperately await the opportunity to see the 
face of our child. Wherever they are, I know you 
are there as well. Protecting, feeding, nourishing, 
CREATING like only you can. Father thank you so 
much for being our heavenly Father, and continue to 
mold us and shape us into the parents you have called 
us to be.
 In Jesus Name,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facial Hair Fundraiser Anyone?!?!

I have been trying to do my part and come up with some creative fundraising ideas, and I think I may have one!

I happen to notice in the mirror this morning how scraggly my beard is (this is Mike typing BTW, in case you hadn't figured it out yet), and my first thought was to shave it off. But I really didn't feel like it and came into work anyways. I was going about my day when it hit me. What if we could come up with some way to raise money, that involves me not having to shave for a while, and I'm not suggesting this just to avoid shaving. Though I do hate shaving!

We could do like a dollar/day pledges for however long I can go without shaving (or more per day if you're feeling froggy). Or.........a total sum for me to hold out on shaving until our first child arrives. Feel free to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts, unless of course it's negative, then keep it to your self!

I used a really complicated computer program to show what I would look like after  JUST 8 months without shaving. I didn't realize I would be so ruggedly handsome!

Church of Saint George in Ethiopia

I just happened to be doing a little research on Ethiopia and I came across this picture and I thought it was worth sharing. It was carved into the stone as one solid structure; even has a baptismal just off the side.

This is a shot from over head.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biblical Teaching For Adoption

All of us see adoption differently. Most tend to see it as a way to overcome infertility issues. While others see it as a clear biblical teaching. Also, many may wonder why a perfectly healthy young couple, who are capable of having biological children, would choose to adopt. Well again, there are many reasons. I can't speak for others on this, but I can speak for Leslie and I.

God has instructed His people to do this. Some may argue that the Bible doesn't explicitly say, thou shall adopt. But all through the pages of His word, we are instructed to care for the orphans and the widows. In the Old Testament, you won't find the word 'orphan' but instead you will see 'fatherless.' And a faith that feels nothing for, or no obligation to the fatherless is no faith at all.

James tells us in his epistle that a religion that is accepted by God as true and faultless is one that looks after the widows and the orphans, and protects them from the pollution of the world (1:27). What better way to care for, and protect, then to bring into your home, and shower with love?

Open the eyes of your followers. Teach us your truths.
Give us the strength to live out these truths in a world 
that isn't so accepting. Help us to be the image-bearers
of Christ that you have called us to be. 
In His name,

Process Update!

Great news guys (and gals)!! We have completed our home study for both international and domestic adoption. They went great. We are truly blessed to have Becky (our social worker) on our side through the process. She is amazing.

As most probably know, we are not picky as far as where our children will come from. Unfortunately we were forced to choose a country for international, so we have chosen Ethiopia. There were many factors that went into that decision, much of which will make this post way too long :) Thankfully for domestic we are able to leave the door open on ethnicity and gender, so pretty much any little booger He wants to give us is all right with us.

From here, we are going to begin fundraising. We are open to anything so feel free to share any ideas you may have.

God is going to provide what we need. There is no doubt in our hearts. No one can stand in the way of God's plan. We do ask that you keep us in your prayers through the process. It's going to be tough, but with the love and support of our friends and family, we'll make it through to the end.

Trying to reflect the LOVE of Christ in a cold dark world!

One of the most important themes of the Bible is love. Nearly every page of the New Testament calls us to love, either towards God, or our neighbors. This love we are called to give, isn't something to be taken lightly.
In Luke 10:27 Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment of all is to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind. And the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

In all reality, when you consider the whole canon of scripture, it is one long love story from God, to His chosen people, the children of Abraham. And we gentiles, become the 'children of Abraham,' through our own 'adoption' into the sonship of Christ. It is through this 'adoption' that we receive our inheritance.

We are at the beginning of our journey. There are many more hills and valleys to come, but it is my prayer that through this, God will be glorified, because it is Him who called us to this, and to Him be all the glory for bringing it about.